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Lithuania’s richest party leaders and MEPs

Ramunas Karbauskis, leader of the Peasant and Green Union, is the wealthiest among the leaders of Lithuanian political parties that hold seats i...

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Private business sector spearheading developments in Riga for new conference and concert centre

The private business sector has played a major role in spearheading the campaign for the construction of the new circa 30-million-euro Latvian M...

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Latvia’s economy loses 20 million euros yearly to counterfeit alcoholic beverages

Counterfeit alcoholic beverages are costing Latvia 20 million euros annually, which is about 9 per cent of legitimate sales of spirits and wine,...

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Latvia posts EU's sixth largest annual deflation in June - Eurostat

Latvian consumer prices fell 0.6 per cent against this time last year in the sixth largest deflation rate of all EU member nations, the latest d...

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Lithuanian health min preps ban on online alcohol ads

Lithuania's Health Ministry has submitted for harmonisation a set of amendments to prohibit alcohol advertisements on websites, mobile appli...

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Edurio CEO: ‘I don’t think of us as a technology startup; we are an education startup’

The Latvian education quality improvement feedback software, Edurio, which enables schools to carry out all ongoing data-driven continuous impro...

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Amcham: Helping Nordic and Baltic companies expand in the United States

Amcham Finland is a company based out of Helsinki that helps Nordic, including Baltic, companies to expand their footprint in the US market thou...

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Expert: Calling Klaipeda LNGT guarantor of Lithuania’s energy security is exaggeration

Should gas trade be regulated? How to increase competition between suppliers to reach a desired competitiveness? “Regulation of external g...

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Plunging pound causes worry among Lithuanian suppliers

Lithuanian suppliers and their partners in the United Kingdom are worried by the sharp drop of the British pound in the wake of the Brexit vote,...

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Lithuania’s Small Planet Airlines boosts FY revenue 50 per cent

Lithuanian-owned charter carrier Small Planet Airlines posted 76.757 million euros in revenue for 2015, a rise of 49.7 per cent compared with 20...

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