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Maxima Latvija retailer to pay 100,000 euros to families of victims of store collapse

RIGA - Maxima Latvija retailer and Tineo, the owner of the supermarket building that collapsed in 2013 in Riga, have agreed to pay 100,000 euros...

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Coalition supports Cirule's appointment as Revenue Service's new director-general

RIGA - The government coalition has decided to support Ilze Cirule's appointment as the State Revenue Service's new director-general, Pr...

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Green Party kicks Truksnis out for running for Jurmala mayor

RIGA - The board of the Green Party of Latvia has decided to expel Gatis Truksnis from the party after he opted against declining his nomination...

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Nearly every second Latvian purchases online

According to the data of Latvia’s Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), at the beginning of 2016, 44 per cent of the population had made at le...

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One-third of Latvian bus passengers in Latvia always wear seat belts

In Latvia, 35 per cent of passengers always wear seat belts when travelling on a bus as opposed to 75 per cent, who always fasten their seat bel...

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Cushy pay rise planned for Latvian president’s staff

Salaries of the Latvian president’s office staff are to be raised next year with the average monthly salary increasing from 1,694 euros th...

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Samsung, Apple are champions for Latvians’ web browsing

Samsung and Apple mobile devices were most frequently used for web browsing in Latvia in September, according to gemiusRanking, a survey by Inte...

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89 performers enter Latvia Eurovision 2017

A total of 168 songs and 89 performers have entered into Supernova 2017, a competition organised by the public Latvian Television to pick the La...

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Around 100 people gather to protest tram line project

Around 100 people gathered in Lielie Kapi Cemetery to honour the memory of prominent Latvian folklorists and public figures Krisjanis Barons and...

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Riga Conference 2016 discusses future of EU and NATO, Russian information warfare

Security issues remain on top of the agenda for global leaders and decision makers as they gathered for Riga Conference 2016, one of the most im...

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