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Latvian President: Russia using Syria to divert attention from Ukraine

According to Latvian President, Rajmonds Vejonis, Syria is a good method for Russia to divert international attention from its involvement in Uk...

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Latvia’s Crocodile Harry: Inspiration for Hollywood

ADELAIDE, Australia - This vast, antipodean island is famous for its unforgiving and beautiful “outback.” Kangaroos populate the pla...

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The long march to Paris

PARIS - Over the next few weeks, Paris will once again dominate global headlines. This time, however, the news is likely to be positive, as worl...

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Overcoming Europe’s twin growth challenges

MUNICH - As economic recovery finally begins to take hold in Europe, the imperative for policymakers is to ensure that growth can be sustained f...

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Central Asia on NATO’s periphery

RIGA - On Nov. 23, The Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) convened to discuss the Central Asia-NATO partnership.  The instit...

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Youthful terror

RIGA - Of all of the things that I have learned since the brutal attacks in Paris, which starkly brought the issue of terrorism back to the fron...

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Arts & Events guide

LATVIA THURSDAY, DEC 3 The World Famous Glen Miller Orchestra...

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Latvian Radio Choir Celebrates Rainis and Aspazija in Nationalist Concert

RIGA - It was fitting that, as part of their 75th anniversary season, the Latvian Radio Choir would perform this programme on this evening. One ...

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East meets West

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Peeter Vahi has been described as one of the most original contemporary composers to have emerged from Estonia. His music...

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Riga Bach Festival brings much-needed Baroque performance to Latvia

In a city boasting a thriving opera company and some of the most successful choruses in the world, it’s rather surprising that there is a ...

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