Birute Uhlan Battalion leaves for Sweden

A contingent of about 40 soldier

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PA board quits ahead of Citadele sale

The Latvian Privatization Agency

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Russia may have repeated Ukraine scenario in Baltic states, warns Europe President

Russia would have repeated a Ukraine style scenario in the Baltic states were in not f

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Estonia to Poland in four hours: Officials sign €3 billion rail line agreement

Top transport officials in the Baltics have signed a major agreement over the future o

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VIDEO: Stunning Estonia as seen from the sky

A new video captures the beauty of Estonia as seen from the sky.T

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NATO jets intercept Russian planes over Baltic sea

NATO jets have intercepted a group of Russian fighter planes flying over the neutral B

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Russia’s Hold on the Baltics Loosens

SummaryLithuania has opened a floating liquid natural gas (LNG) i

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Latvia ruling coalition agrees to form new government

The three political parties that make up Latvia's ruling center-right coalition ag

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Estonia in mourning after pupil shoots and kills teacher in classroom

Tributes have been paid to a school teacher shot and killed by a pupil during class ti

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