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Russia ready to sign border agreement with Estonia

Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet has confirmed Russia's willingness to sign a border a

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Population increases in Estonia, new survey shows

The estimated population in Estonia has risen this year to 1,311,870, new research shows.

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Wrap up warm! Temperatures set to drop to -19 degrees in Latvia

Temperatures are expected to become even colder next week, and could drop to minus 19 degrees

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Supermarket chain buys over competitor in major deal

Major retail trade company Mego has has signed a deal to take over supermarket chain, Iki in L

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Police chief shoots himself in stomach after handling weapon

A Latvian police department chief has been rushed to hospital after accidentally shooting hims

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Estonia to send military aid to Central Africa conflict

Estonia will send military aid to the ongoing conflict in the Central African Republic.

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Estonia has one of the highest inflation rates in EU

Estonia continues to have one of the highest inflation rates in the European Union, research s

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Tallinn Song and Dance festival to celebrate 26th anniversary

Dozens of music events are planned in Tallinn this year, the city's tourism board has said

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Finance ministry borrows 500m euros to pay off debt

Lithuania borrowed 500 million euros in the international financial market for the term of ten

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Latvian national goal tender finally finds new club

Latvian national team goal keeper  Edgars Masalskis, who has been without a club since th

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