Population increases in Estonia, new survey shows

  • 2014-01-17
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

The estimated population in Estonia has risen this year to 1,311,870, new research shows.

New research by Statistics Estonia shows how the population has increased around 30,000 since 2012 when the population was 1,32,215.

In 2013, key figures showed: 13,831 births and 15,474 deaths (increase of 1,643). A total of 4,085 persons immigrated to and 10,746 persons emigrated from Estonia.

The census data was also used to adjust the population number as of 1 January 2013. In addition to revised census data, Statistics Estonia revised the number of births and deaths and migration figures based on individuals. After revisions, the natural increase in 2012 was –1,362 and net migration was –3,686. Thus, the population of Estonia as of 1 January 2013 was 1,320,174.

The main reason why net migration differs from the previously published figure (–6,629) is the retroactive registration of migration – a thorough review of the data revealed that, in 2012, there were a number of people who were registered as migrants but who had actually left Estonia before that year.

During the 2000 census, there were also a number of people who were not enumerated. The population of Estonia in 2000 was bigger than the initial estimate, at 1,401,250.

Statistics Estonia used a model to estimate the number of persons who left Estonia between the two censuses without registering their emigration. 

Overall, all the general demographic trends previously established in Estonia still applied after the revisions, but it appeared that the actual population number is slightly higher than initially estimated and the sharp rise in emigration in 2012 was not supported by the revised data.

In the future, net migration will probably move towards zero, as the age group of potential emigrants is decreasing. Also, there will be a slight, steady rise in return migration, which currently constitutes about 30% of emigration and the majority of immigration.