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Dutch warships dock in Estonia amid Russia, Ukraine worries

Four Dutch warships have docked in Estonia today to carry out joint NATO air exercises

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Same sex marriages go against Latvia ’customs’, says minister

Latvia will not support recognizing same sex marriages as it goes against Latvian '

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President urges home owners to donate food in major campaign to cut poverty

Lithuanians have been urged to donate food as part a country wide campaign to cut down

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What would happen if Russia cut gas supplies to Baltics? Europe says back up plan needed

The European Commission has urged the Baltic states and Finland to launch an emergency

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IN PICTURES: Latvia records first snowfall of the season

Latvia has recorded its first snowfall of the season today. 

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WATCH: Nazi pilot accused of murdering Jews during Holocaust is brought to life in new musical

A musical based on the life of Nazi soldier Herbert Cukurs, accused of murdering tens

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Estonian firm to develop cure against Ebola in Africa

An Estonian and Finnish firm will develop a vaccine to fight against the deadly Ebola

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Lithuania to ban sale of energy drinks to minors

Lithuania is set to to become the first country in the world to ban the sale energy dr

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IN PICTURES: Latvia declares state of emergency after floods hit homes

A state of emergency has been declared in a Latvian region after a river flood hit hom

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Anti EU Nigel Farage group collapses after Latvian MEP leaves

A euroskeptic group in the European Parliament has collapsed after controversial Latvi

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