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VIDEO: An intimate look at life of classical music’s Paavo Jarvi

A fascinating new documentary film, titled MAESTRO, follows Grammy award-winning Eston

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Patriotism begins in school

Estonian Prime Minister and Refo

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Politicians serve own interests, voters complain

Most residents believe that the extraordinary elections of the 11th Saeima have not changed an

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Lembergs calls for domestic harmony

In an interview in the Oct. 1 Ne

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Lithuania PM to seek new business markets amid US visit

Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius, who is planning a visit to the United

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Estonia’s richest people revealed in new list

Estonia's richest man has been revealed.Businessman Oleg Ossi

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Lithuanian traders should focus on region in China to boost growth, says expert

Lithuanian traders should focus of developing solid business ties with a Chinese city

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Captured Estonian agent wanted Russian state secrets, claims Moscow

Captured Estonian intelligence official Eston Kohver was trying to obtain Russian stat

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Russian navy ship spotted near Latvian waters

Latvia's national armed forces say they have spotted a Russian navy ship trawling

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Lithuanians and Poles fighting in eastern Ukraine, claims Russia FM

Lithuanian and Polish citizens are fighting for pro Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine, Ru

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