Lithuania, US seek stronger ties during Washington meeting

Major energy and security issues have been discussed during a meeting between Lithuani

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Former Latvia PM approved for top role in Europe

The European Parliament has approved former Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis

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Straujuma set for PM role amid talks in Latvia

Coalition parties in Latvia support Laimdota Straujuma to stay on as prime minister in

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Pro Russia party wants to set up new government in Latvia after gaining most votes

Latvia's pro Russia party Harmony has called on Latvian President Andris Berz

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Ukraine businessman takes over frozen food firm in deal worth €27 million

A major Estonian frozen foods firm has been taken by a Ukrainian businessman in a bran

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Lithuania welcomes orphaned Ukraine children amid crisis in country

Lithuania has welcomed 15 orphaned Ukrainian children to the country amid the Ukraine

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New Russian news site to launch in Baltics

A new Russian news site will launch in the Baltics later this year aimed at Russian sp

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Russia bans prominent Latvians from entering country amid tensions

Russia has blacklisted three prominent Latvians from entering the country amid latest

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Supermarket chain Maxima to change name following deadly roof collapse

Lithuanian supermarket chain Maxima Group which operates stores in the Baltic states,

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