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Obesity, diabetes rates show rapid rise in Estonia

Triin Eglit, researcher at the department of internal medicine at the University of Tartu, fin

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Biden on official visit in Poland, Lithuania

On Wednesday, March 19, Vice President of the United States Joe Biden began his official meeti

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Baltics call Crimea referendum illegitimate

Estonia considers the so-called referendum carried out on Sunday, March 16 in Crimea, Ukraine

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One-third of residents of Latvia believe Russia’s incursion into Ukraine justified

One-third of Latvia's residents believe that Russia's incursion in Ukraine is justifie

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Baltic defense back on the front burner

In an interview on the LNT television channel on March 7, the former head of Latvia’s Co

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Dombrovskis withdraws from EC presidential race

Former Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) has withdrawn his candidacy for the p

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Not your typical musical festival

TALLINN - What are the chances that Her Majesty, the Queen of England would officially open Re

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Diplomacy can resolve crisis

Latvian Ambassador to NATO Maris Riekstins believes that tensions between Russia and Ukraine c

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Russia’s troops snap into action

Latvia’s Defense Ministry says that Latvian residents have no reason for concern regardi

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Lithuania opens probe into CIA ’black site’ allegations

Lithuanian prosecutors said on Thursday that they have opened an investigation into claims tha

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