WATCH LIVE: Latvia pre election debate

  • 2014-09-11
  • By Rayyan Sabet-Parry, RIGA

A pre election debate is underway in Latvia featuring politicians from a variety of parties.

How to attract foreign investment, education and how to overcome income equality are among the themes being discussed at the debate today.

Members of six parties are represented in the debate inclding Arvils Ašeradens, "Vienotība", Valters Bolēvics, No sirds Latvijai, Mārtiņš Bondars, Reģionu Alianse, Andris Pārups, Nacionālā apvienība VS –TB/LNNK, Dana Reizniece-Ozola, Zaļo un Zemnieku savienība and Ivars Zariņš, Saskaņa.

Latvia goes to the election polls on October 4. 

Chairman of the board of magazine 'Ir' Paul Raudseps is chairing the event.

Speaking about the election, Raudseps said "First one hasn't been dominated by the economic crisis,"says Raudseps