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Up the creek against a nuclear monster

KLAIPEDA - Leading a 550-kilometer trip on water, with little experience in a canoe and little

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600-kilometer bike trek to Visaginas easier than doing political battle over it

KLAIPEDA - The 600-kilometer Vilnius-Visaginas bike trek that the head of the Lithuanian gover

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Riga Zoo is one species that continues to evolve

RIGA - Riga Zoo is like a cat with nine lives. Its history is a timeline marred with refusals,

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Lessons learned from a life in contraband smuggling

KLAIPEDA - Just a few years ago, the level of educational activity at Lumpenai secondary schoo

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All abuzz about blogging in the Baltics

RIGA - Blogging. A virtual world where anyone’s opinion is okay and online arguments are

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Making the invisible visible

RIGA - Straight people scare the crap out of me. Seriously. You can see a straight girl a mile

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Journalist hooked on making difference in peers’ coverage of HIV

KLAIPEDA - If you were to flip through Lithuanian periodicals in search of anything on HIV, or

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Dance for the people

TALLINN“I believe that dance came from the people and that it shou

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Latvian ladies attract international intimacy, local lads lose out

RIGA - It’s a hard road finding the perfect man. You know how it goes: they’re eit

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Graffiti – work of a master or just a disaster?

RIGA - I have a question for you. When was the first art work created in the world? Of course,

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