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Opening day ready to rumble

RIGA - It’s a scent you never forget. A combination of leather, engine oil and seared me

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Bird Lady, Scarecrow 5 and Merlin do their part in keeping passengers safe at RIX

RIGA - I begin my journey like so many others do – on bus #22 from central Riga. I&rsquo

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From small traffic violations, to an eternity

KLAIPEDA - Within the European Union, Lithuania has been, for years, one of the leading countr

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Culture shock on the cocktail circuit

RIGA - Have you ever experienced that feeling? The one where you move to a new place and it&rs

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Attitude and success begins between the ears

RIGA - Despite the negative economic news that now appears in the media, there are still oppor

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From a long way off they come to study

RIGA - Take a walk down Pilies Street in Vilnius, Viru Street in Tallinn or Brivibas Boulevard

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Dane-turned-Hindu-monk experiences enlightenment in Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - In the remote, forest-engulfed village of Drumuliai, at the border between Lithuani

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A running group with a drinking problem

RIGA - The call to the run rings out loud and clear with the familiar phrase “listen up,

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Beyond fish soup: the hidden joys of ice fishing

RIGA - Above the Lielupe River the sky is clear. Thermometers sit at a steady -16°C. Breez

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Couch surfing: A couch in every country

RIGA - Peter, an Austrian who’s spent the past few months traveling through Russia, arri

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