The voice of the people

RIGA - On February 18, Latvian citizens in 41 countries will make their voices heard by voting

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Tubercle bacillus lurks in broad daylight for unsuspecting victims

KLAIPEDA - For one 26-year-old woman from southern Lithuania, the straw of life cannot be thin

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Dialogues between Dzerzhinsky and Pilsudski

In December, Arvydas Juozaitis, Riga-based Lithuanian philosopher, writer and former Lithuania

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Lifestyle trumps wealth in Latvia

RIGA - Despite geographic locations at the opposite ends of the earth, Latvians and Australian

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Best memorial to January 13, 1991 victims would be prosperous Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - Amid commemorations for Jan. 13, 1991, the Day of Freedom Defenders, a tribute to t

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American cats in the sack lure in hoop fans

KLAIPEDA - When Lithuanians were crooning Christmas carols and enjoying the New Year frolickin

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How to get things going

RIGA - Latvia is finally free of the shackles, and the support, of the 3-year IMF- and Europea

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