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The dream and the reality

Elina Mitina is a laureate lyric soprano singer with one of the biggest voices in the opera in

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The future of Latvians abroad

Last week I had the privilege of attending the celebration of Latvian Independence Day in my h

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Nuclear power can unite the region

Only common business interests can unite countries. Such a unifier in the Baltics can be the V

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Spiritual road to development

She is a devoted Christian but preaches economic liberalism, claiming that the doctrines of Ch

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Constructivism’s limits in economic policy

Approximately half of the countries within the eurozone are in trouble. In Italy and Greece, e

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How much have I cost you, Latvia?

Last week there was announced a terrifying number: 100 billion lats. This is the amount of mon

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A Dangerous Delusion

One of the most dangerous delusions of our times is a firm conviction of the European Left (an

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A life devoted to helping women fighting for life

There are over 100,000 women in Lithuania who have fought, or are still fighting, breast cance

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Lithuania misses chance to abstain

Last week Lithuania voted against the Palestinian application to join the United Nation’

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You made your bed, now lie in it

Last August Latvia’s Central Statistics Bureau published statistics on emigration. It re

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