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Eastern thought meets Western action

Mindaugas Treigis is one of the rising stars in the Lithuanian real estate market. He is a uni

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Goodbye, Yes, but also good riddance?

Knowing that many The Baltic Times readers are business types, I would like to offer this thou

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The Dangers of Premature Recognition of a Palestinian State

Agreements should be respected. They certainly should be respected in the United Nations. Yet

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The issues that should be tackled

According to David Passig, a futurist from Bar-Ilan University in Israel (who took part in the

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Building bridges between civilisations

Nowadays a key figure in the United Nations, to say Jorge Sampaio holds an impressive CV is so

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The Culture of Fear

Ours is a time of fear. We cultivate a culture of fear which is becoming increasingly powerful

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The Center Party – political games like never before

During the summer season when Estonian news is permanently filled with fuzzy stories about pet

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The confidante who shaped high-flying politics and Chicago-style pizza

How many American-Lithuanians have, in the last twenty-five years, served as a confidante to t

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Yes, he can do it

The next presidential elections will take place in Estonia at the end of August. Despite the f

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Who governs the governors?

In Latvia the term “oligarchs” has become a widely used term in the last weeks, wi

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