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The Latvian Red Cross in times of crisis

The head of International Cooperation and the International Humanitarian Law program for the L

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Oh, for God’s Sake!

A question that I have often asked is this: What has someone sprinkled into the air or water s

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Putin, Russia’s president for the next 12 years?

On Sept. 22-23, the Warsaw-based Bronislaw Geremek Foundation organized its conference “

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Extraordinary talent curbs the fussy beauties

If you maintain that there is no catwalk glitz or glamour in Lithuania, upon hearing this, Rai

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What exactly is meant by post-imperialism here? One could call it a strange state of affairs b

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Mainstream media in today’s world of instant Twitter messaging, blogs, social network-dr

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Longing for an imagined golden age

Speaking to a management conference at the end of September, Lithuania’s former Presiden

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Life is the most important religion

The well-known and flamboyant Dutch television, film and theater actor Peter Faber visited Rig

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What about fiscal consolidation?

Over the last years, Latvia’s government has managed the supposedly impossible, namely f

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Unstable Triumvirates

On Sunday, September 18, the day after the elections of the 11th Saeima, the top winning polit

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