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Re: A Country For Sale - LATVIA, October 2010

Dear Mr. Potential Buyer,Due to the fact that Latvia expects a most likely a

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Corruption simply routine in Latvia

Aigars Freimanis is one of Latvia’s most famous political analysts and a director of the

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Cut to Grow?

Latvia’s intelligentsia and policy makers are host of a very specific and simplistic und

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Estonia winning the hard way

TALLINN - Estonia’s way out of the economic crisis was a “very expensive model&rdq

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Economies emerging from depths of depression

RIGA - The economies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are recovering from the European Union&r

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Money saving ideas delivered with latest IMF tranche

RIGA - Latvia has received its latest loan installment from the International Monetary Fund, t

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IT services stay in demand through crisis

RIGA - The IT industry continues to develop, even during this economic crisis. This is a world

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Developers benefit as business moves to the Internet

TALLINN - Estonia has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the world. Computerizat

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World Wide Web jungle gets visitor-friendly and money-savvy

KLAIPEDA - If you have decided that you need a Web site or an e-store, then while looking for

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Animals and human health

Communicating with our pets brings us a lot of positive emotions. And it has been known since

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