Animals and human health

  • 2010-08-19

Communicating with our pets brings us a lot of positive emotions. And it has been known since ancient times that they also positively affect the health of their masters. In ancient Greece and Egypt cats and dogs were used to treat diseases, and the benefit of horseback riding was already recognized by Hippocrates.

The positive influence of animals on the human body is officially recognized by the World Health Organization. English psychiatrist B. Levinson has used animals when working with children. In the United States it was proven that cats and dogs have a positive effect on cognitive abilities and the health of older people. Dolphin therapy and hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding) have long been used to improve the condition of people with disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s syndrome.

Pets can ease any disease and can even heal some of them completely. “Animal therapy” has been actively developing in the world for several years, it is a science of treatment with the help of animals. Special clinics are opening in the U.S. and Europe, where the treatment is carried out by “furry doctors”. Animal therapists work in nursing homes, children’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers and even in the U.S. Army, and in the United Kingdom pharmacies even sell “healing” white cats.

So how do the pets influence us? Special studies have shown that when a human pats an animal, his pulse rate and blood pressure lowers, muscle tension decreases, there comes a general relaxation of muscles and even digestion improves. Moreover, it turns out that cats and dogs are bioenergetics. Specialists from the veterinary hospital “Latvian-American Animal Health Center” confirm that cats and dogs clearly distinguish the negative energy that comes from the patient’s body. The furry psychic unerringly finds the sore spot, snuggles up to it, purrs and warms it, thus trying to help its master.

Any four-legged friend can be a doctor for a human, regardless of the appearance and breed. The main thing is that you should love it and take care of it. Then, in response to your love, it will reward you many times more.


Dogs can help you relax, release tension, can save you from heart attacks, pressure surges, headaches and liver colic, relieve pain syndromes when having radiculitis and neuralgia, and cure inflammations and skin diseases. Dogs rescue their owners during seizures. Sensing the approach of an attack, they put themselves under the falling owner so that he does not hit his head against the floor or furniture. The presence of dogs significantly reduces the duration of the attack and the likelihood of dangerous consequences.

Psychologists believe that by expressing loyalty to its master the dog renders him an invaluable psychological support. If you are doing important work, whether it is writing a diploma work, renovation of the apartment or finding a job, the presence of a dog can help you cope with the problem and save energy.
The important role of nonverbal communication with the dog - eye contact, touching, facial expressions, and gestures has been scientifically confirmed. Because of this fact dogs are used in psychiatric clinics for treatment of patients with disorders of communication, who refuse to communicate, fully immersed in themselves, and also for the treatment of deaf patients.


Cats are “prescribed” in cases of hypertension, rheumatism, myocardial infarction, insomnia, stomach ulcer, gastritis, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, depression, neurosis, nervous disorders. Cats brighten loneliness, calm down and reduce blood pressure. Their aura stabilizes the heart, relieves pain in joints and headaches, stimulates rapid healing of injuries and cures internal inflammatory diseases.

Only cats have an amazing ability to lie down on the affected area of the body. The cat feels when you are angry or when you are about to have a heart attack. Its obsessive caress is warning you: your energy system is failing, it’s time to take your medicine.

American scientists found out that the purr of domestic cats is not just a pleasant sound, but it’s an effective means of treatment! Cats purr on the frequency between 22 and 44 hertz, and vibrations on that frequency accelerate cell regeneration. It is noteworthy that this frequency also improves the condition of bone tissue. Therefore, contacting with cats actually improve health.

Cats heal people who suffer from mental illnesses, patients undergoing rehabilitation after injury, fully or partially immobilized and patients in narcological clinics. Communicating with cats is very popular in boarding schools for children with diseases of the loco motor system.


Feathered friends give energy, tone and infect with optimism. Observing birds is an excellent remedy for depression and nervous disorders. Melodious voices of birds are beneficial for the psyche. This method is recommended in cases of myocardial infarction, neurasthenia, neurodermatitis and heart defects.


An aquarium is an excellent remedy for epilepsy, hypertension, hysteria, angina pectoris, and as a preventive means for any neurological disorders. When looking at the fishes we get a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

An invisible link

Veterinarians have noticed the existence of an invisible connection between the masters and their pets.
Some people say that their pets give them more love than other people. This may seem like an exaggeration, but often enough it really is so. Pets make our lives emotionally richer and significantly prolong it. It even happens so that an animal dies, sacrificing itself for the sake of the master. When a human has an acute illness, after a while a similar condition can be observed in the animal, and soon after the person feels better.

Veterinary doctors of the Latvian Animal Health Center have recorded cases when animals have had exactly the same health problems as their masters such as a valvular heart disease, arthritis, back problems, etc. They also have observed cases when the animal has helped the master in the treatment, as if taking the illness to itself. For example, the director of the company Doctor Aigars Brinkis had a client, who suffered from pneumonia. Her cat always slept on her chest. In the very beginning she did not like it, but then she noticed that she began to feel better and realized that the cat wanted to help. The master had recovered, but after a while it was found that her cat had a tumor of the lungs.

And here are some examples from the practice of a Russian veterinarian Victoria Suslova.
-The mistress was a hypotensive patient, she had critical pressure drops because of the weather. Once she felt distinctly worse than usual, and then suddenly began to feel better. And the next day her beloved nine-year-old dog died: a sharp drop in blood pressure, a weak cardiovascular system. The dog had signs of hypotension as well, which is not typical for dogs at all.

-The mistress had right-sided paresis, a consequence of a stroke. During the day she had a hypertensive crisis, and at night her seven-year-old cat suffered a stroke, paralyzing its right side. The animal could not stand the energetic overload.

- An absolutely healthy young cat suddenly starts urinating with blood from the very hour, when its master’s kidney was dissected on the operating table, and then spontaneously got cured, as soon as the condition of the master improved. There was no direct physical contact, however, some connection between the animal and the human was kept at a distance. We can say that this is a mere coincidence, but when such coincidences occur constantly, we have to start wondering if those really are just coincidences?

Pets and children

Four-legged friends have a beneficial effect on the health and psyche of children. Research conducted by pediatricians of the University of Munich has shown that children who had contact with pets in the first months of their life rarely suffer from asthma and allergies. There are cases when pets have helped cure children with mental retardation.

Dogs are especially beloved by children - good and sociable creatures, always ready to play. A dog is the best live toy for children younger than three years. When the child is older than nine years, the dog contributes to the development of good family relationships, and in adolescence the dog becomes an effective educator, saves from possible emotional discomfort and strengthens the psyche of its master. Cats are more independent animals and communicating with them will help your child develop independence and respect for the personality of other people.

In order to become true friends, the baby and the pet must trust each other. Explain to your child in advance that the four-legged friend should be taken care of and not mistreated.

Individual therapists

Therapeutic properties of animals are especially noticeable if their owners are elderly or single people. For such people a dog or a cat is especially close. Pets relieve the feeling of loneliness and make people move more, spend more time outdoors and socialize more. In 1999, the Journal of the American Geriatric Society published an article about a study, according to which elderly men and women who have pets are better able to cope with daily activities such as bathing and dressing, cooking, and walking long distances. At some level, animals provide them with the same type of support as other social networks, including family and friends. However, family members and friends can be a potential source of conflict, whereas most animals cannot.

A lonely person needs a living creature which he can talk to and take care of. Animals help old people cope with depression in connection with the loss of nearest and dearest, they give the desire to live and act.
Communicating with pets allows us to maintain our connection with nature. Looking after your pet, walking and playing with it, you treat your illnesses, improve immunity, and receive a full session of psychotherapy and get the feeling of fullness of life! It is impossible not to appreciate the positive charge, which you get when returning back home from work. Whether you are tired or not, you will smile for sure when you see the happy eyes of your friend.