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Studies begin on Nord Stream’s environmental impact

TALLINN - Researchers are carrying out additional studies on an open sea research vessel in or

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Eesti in brief - 2010-08-19

From Sept. 8, Estonian citizens who wish to travel to the United States will have to start pay

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Official numbers mask job growth

TALLINN - Unemployment still remains one of the biggest problems in Estonia today. An estimate

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Jurmala city government declares war on three local schools

RIGA - Three different schools in Jurmala, a seaside resort consisting of several villages nex

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Kedys’ body may be exhumed

VILNIUS - On Aug. 13, Prosecutor Aidas Mazeika held a press conference in the Prosecutor Gener

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Estonia ranked 32nd "best" country by Newsweek

TALLINN -- Newsweek, one of the world's largest and most influencial weekly magazines, has

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Underwater picture gallery on display in Lithuania

LAKE PLATELIAI -- A group of Lithuanian divers have launched the world's first underwater

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Baltics see export boost

VILNIUS - Recent data from Eurostat, the EU's official statistics agency, has found that t

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Estonia to host digital song festival

TALLINN - Estonia is set to host the world's first digital song festival, hoping to draw a

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World Bank head urges Latvia to keep up reforms

SIGULDA - During a visit to Sigulda, a picturesque town in North-Eastern Latvia, World Bank Pr

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