Features of mature age

RIGA - We do not think about health and do not even notice it while we still have it. However,

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Start of "New Wave 2010"

Last Thursday, April 1st, the European qualifying round of the International contest of young

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A spring night's fever!

VILNIUS - After the Baltic tour in 2006, the posh boys from Paris return to promote their new

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Upcoming Events - 2010-04-08

BrainstormApril 10 Forum Palace, VilniusMetallic

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Nothing else matters

RIGA - Spring is back in town, and it has brought a lot of new and exciting emotions and expec

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Useful information about some juices

Carrot juice. It is considered to be the “king” amongst the vegetable juices. It i

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The magic of juices in Jaunkemeri

All of us want to stay young and healthy for many years. It is common knowledge that in order

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"High School Musical" finally arrives in Estonia!

TALLINN - Though the musical has its roots in European forms such as the opera and operetta, w

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Platinum wonder to sing in Riga and Vilnius

VILNIUS - After last year’s postponement of his Nov. 5 concert in the Latvian capital, R

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