A spring night's fever!

  • 2010-04-08
  • By Mihai Bica

VILNIUS - After the Baltic tour in 2006, the posh boys from Paris return to promote their new album, ‘Tango 3.0.’ Philippe Cohen Solal from France, Eduardo Makaroff from Argentina and Christoph H. Muller, from Switzerland are expected, just like four years ago, to give a memorable show to the people of Tallinn on April 13, in Riga on April 15, and in Vilnius on April 16, the latter show being held at the fancy and somewhat more private setting of the ‘Ykis Bank Theater Arena.’

Although smaller in size than the last setting in Vilnius, where almost 4,000 people hurried to buy tickets for the show, the Theater’s 1,500 seats will offer, nevertheless, some great sensations for the people willing to pay 87 - 117 litas (25 - 34 euros), the price of the entrance fee.

The band’s latest album was officially launched on April 7 at the ‘Crans Montana de la Lausanne’ festival in Switzerland, and the new songs are sure to become big hits on a global scale after the success the boys have had since their idea to form ‘Gotan Project’ in 1999. The particularity of the name comes in its use of the word ‘gotan,’ a reversed version of the word ‘tango,’ coming from a language used in some parts of the Spanish-speaking countries. Not only does the name reflect the aim of producing good ‘tango’ music - with powerful and delightful electronic influences - but it also stands as a tribute to a well known tango album several years ago, reuniting some of the best music of the genre and reviving it. It is the same thing that ‘Gotan Project’ did when it came out, taking the world by surprise with their imaginative sounds, using beats some would have left as forgotten.

Their albums, ‘El Capitalismo Foraneo’ (2000), ‘La Revancha del Tango’ (2001), ‘Inspiracion Espiracion’ (2004), ‘Lunatico’ (2006) or ‘El Norte’ (2006) have sold millions of copies and have been the soundtracks of some of the best American movies and TV shows in the industry - ‘Shall We Dance,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Nip/Tuck’ and ‘Ocean’s Twelve,’ to mention a few - and even performed at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Their music is both romantic and highly entertaining, and the three boys from Paris have made a reputation in giving unforgettable live shows. With support from more than ten other artists, as they had last time - including vocalists, pianists, producers, violin, accordion and guitar players, and of course the all important video artists who will project incredibly artistic imagery - spectators are sure to enjoy every moment of the two-hour show.

Coming from all over the world, the artists, performing live on stage together with the band, will complete the atmosphere, each bringing to the whole a subjective vision from the part of the world where they were born, making this modern type of tango so much more than music that gives rhythm to your body, instead, moving your whole spirit into an ecstasy of sensorial senses. The fascinating spectacle of moving images alone could form a show of incredible interest.
When in 2006 the band first showed up on the Baltic stages, they brought along with them something never before seen in this part of the world. Now the boys have the challenge to lift the bar even higher in expectations, so the more intimate setting will surely help do the trick. Definitely a must see show that will make the feeble spring seem hotter!

Gotan Project concert schedule in the Baltic States:
April 13 – 19:00, Nokia Concert Hall, Tallinn
April 15 – 20:00, Arena Riga
April 16 – 20:00, Ykis Bank Theater Arena, Vilnius