The magic of juices in Jaunkemeri

  • 2010-04-01

All of us want to stay young and healthy for many years. It is common knowledge that in order to do that you should drink fresh juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible. The Baltic Times visited the rehabilitation center “Jaunkemeri” to find out how juice therapy helps to cleanse the body and to solve many health problems.

Some information about “Jaunkemeri”

The largest resort and rehabilitation center in Latvia “Jaunkemeri” is located in Jurmala, 35 km from Riga and just 300 meters from the sea. It is designed to accommodate a maximum of 320 patients. The center was built 42 years ago and was renovated and supplied with modern medical equipment when Latvia was already independent. “Jaunkemeri” is a certified private medical institution. The “gold reserve” of the center is its own therapeutic mud - peat and sapropel mud, 3 wells of mineral water - hydrogen sulfide, sodium chloride and bromide water. In addition to that - clean air, pine forest and the Baltic beach. Since its founding, the rehabilitation center has been visited by more than 300 thousand people from Latvia and other countries all over the world.

Amongst the advantages of the center are the latest methods of functional diagnostics, physiotherapy and ergo therapy. The treatment profile is: diseases of the heart and blood vessels, central and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system and spine, digestive system, obesity, metabolic disturbances, dermatology, urology, infantile diseases. There are a lot of unique procedures available in the center, such as osteoreflexology (blockade surgery), practiced personally by head doctor Michael Malkiel, or stretching of the spine in a vertical pool.

The latest offers of “Jaunkemeri” are full health checks, elaborated separately for men and women, medical treatment complexes to eliminate the root causes of female and male infertility, as well as erectile dysfunction (known simply as impotence).

For those who want to be treated ambulatory, there is a clinic, where they can get professional medical consultation from more than 25 specialists and undergo diagnostics (laboratory, ECG and bicycle ergometry, ultrasonography, diagnostic radiology, etc.).
Of course, having such a basis allowed “Jaunkemeri” to develop various programs for patients, such as, for example, rehabilitation after a heart attack, cerebral thrombosis, injuries etc. But today we will talk about juice therapy.

Restoring strength and health the natural way

In the spring many people may feel slightly unwell and tired even if they are healthy. You are not as full of strength as usual, your favorite food doesn’t make you happy and you are totally bored at work. Why does this happen all of a sudden? There may be several reasons. It could be the beginning of an illness, stress, or the body warns you that there are too many slags and toxins in it. The cause of this could be unhealthy nutrition, physical inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle or environmental conditions.

A team of professionals from “Jaunkemeri” has developed a new program called “Magic Juice” which promotes healthy lifestyle. The 3 to 5 day long course includes taking up to 10 different combinations of fruit and vegetable juices, as well as a certain vegetable diet.

Cleansing the body with the help of juices is one of the most popular methods in the world. Because of the fact that for a certain period of time one drinks only fresh juices, the health and strength recover in a natural way. The healing powers of juices contribute to the rejuvenation of the whole body. Juices raise enzyme activity and thereby improve the metabolic processes, which leads to weight loss. Juices can help to increase immunity, to strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation.
For maximum effect, in addition to juice therapy, experts from the rehabilitation center include a series of medical procedures and activities in the program.

- The assessment of the participant’s health on the first and last day of the course, which includes health monitoring by a doctor and a consultation with a physiotherapist. You can ask the doctor about additional health strengthening procedures, such as mineral water baths, mud applications, hippotherapy. For those who haven’t had a medical examination for a long time, it is recommended to pass some necessary check-ups that are available in the rehabilitation center.
The physiotherapist measures weight, girth of hips, waist and arms. He also defines the body mass index, the percentage of adipose tissue, as well as tolerance to loads.
- Participants of the program, as mentioned previously, are offered healthy nutrition: fresh fruit and vegetable juices and cocktails, as well as a tasty and healthy low-fat diet. Each menu item, whether it is juice, cocktails, or vegetable dishes, is very important for strengthening health. For more effective cleansing, the program nutrition specialist encourages to drink a lot of fruit and herbal teas, plain water and mineral water “Jaunkemeri” during the course.
- There are physiotherapeutic and sports classes included in the program, such as: water aerobics, pilates, fitness and Nordic Walking along the coast of the Baltic Sea and in the pine forest. It is important to know that there is no sense in a healthy diet without physical activities. The lymph is the main cleaner of our body. Deeply located lymph vessels are activated only during active muscle contractions, such as physical loads in the gym, swimming, cycling or walking. We are strengthening the heart by training our muscles every day.
- Therapeutic and relaxing procedures such as classic and aroma massage, underwater massage, lymphatic drainage, salt treatment and a bath complex contribute to the harmony of body and soul, stimulate the metabolism and help to restore energy.
- Sessions with a physiotherapist, a nutrition specialist and a psychologist help to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, acquire new knowledge and skills to keep the effect of the “Magic Juice” course in the future. The “Magic Juice” program is an impulse to give up many bad habits, unnecessary temptations and laziness. It is a good start to try to put new knowledge into practice and thereby improve the quality of life.

"Jaunkemeri” creates such conditions, that the patient is able to enjoy nature, to remain in silence and solitude for a while, to restore psycho-emotional balance with the help of natural healing powers.
To cleanse the body means to hold a series of activities that provoke the movement of slags and their excretion. The facts mentioned above show that the “Magic Juice” program successfully copes with this. The program is happening in a quite intensive regimen (there could be about 7 or 8 different classes and procedures per day) and, of course, under the supervision of specialists.

Just a few days spent in “Jaunkemeri” and as a result you feel excellent, you have a lot of energy and (what is not less important) you have a loss in weight of 3 to 5 kilos!

Prices for treatment and rehabilitation programs are very democratic. For example, the “Magic Juice” program together with accommodation for 5 days costs starting from 214 EUR.

It is easy to get into any program in the rehabilitation center, just make a call to any of the following phone numbers - (371) 67733522, 67733242, 67734403 - and agree on the most convenient time for you to stay in “Jaunkemeri”.
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