Questions from readers: A comment to The Baltic Times Web site regarding the article "The magic of juices in Jaunkemeri".

  • 2010-04-08
  • By Anastasia Alekseyeva. School of Aesthetic Cosmetology, lecturer.

Author: Monika/2010-04-05.

I would like to ask wether I can cleanse my organism with the help of juice therapy if I have a gastrointestinal problem?

Anastasia: Nowadays people are used to consider that cleansing with juices in any amounts will bring only benefit to the organism, but this is a false opinion. Juice therapy is a whole science, where each element of the juice must be studied. First of all, it is necessary in order not to harm yourself. One and the same juice can help or inflict certain harm to someone. Each juice has its own contraindication.

Grape juice, for example, is not indicated for those who are suffering from gastritis especially with enhanceable acidity, ulcerous illness of stomach and duodenum, diabetes mellitus, obesity, chronic inflammatory processes in lungs. It is undesirable to use grape juice for those who have a tendency to flatulence. This is because grape juice contains a lot of glucose and fructose; different organic acids are included in the composition of a grape juice. Grape juice also destructs carious teeth. For the prophylaxis after drinking grape juice it is recommended to rinse your mouth with water. It is necessary to remember, that combination of grape juice and milk, cucumbers, melon, fat food, fish, beer or mineral waters can cause disorder of stomach.

A fresh pomegranate juice is contraindicated for those who have high acidity gastritis, ulcerous illness or pancreatitis.
Tomato juice and apple juice as well are contraindicated to those who have gastritis, ulcerous illness, pancreatitis, and cholecystitis.

As you see, if you are fond of juices, better stop for a moment and consult with your doctor. Also it is not needed to over-estimate a healthful force of juices. By means of juice therapy it is impossible to manage illness, it is possible only to clean your organism.

An ideal juice therapy patient is one that doesn’t take any pills, is not treated from cancer, is on a “diet”, who is healthy enough and simply wishes to enrich the organism with vitamins, clean blood from slags. Sometimes juice therapy on an early stage of illness can not prevent it, though increase the risk of bacillosis. It is obligatory to consult your doctor before starting juice therapy. If you have an idea to restore your organism after operative intervention, forget about juices! Remember that there are practically no calories.

How do you think the juice is to be drunk correctly?
Patients who have problems with digestion have to drink juices 30-40 minutes before the meal if the gastric acidity is normal or lowered, one hour after the meal if the gastric acidity is increased.
I’d like to advise you one of the juice recipes that is good and harmless to those who have any gastrointestinal problem: carrot, celery, parsley, spinach 7:4:2:3.

It is epidemiologically proved that juice therapy even in relatively short time can cause also a negative action. A juice therapy used more than three days must be conducted under the supervision of a doctor.