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Latvia's human trade in misery

RIGA - There are concerns Latvia's worsening economic situation is behind a rise in an insidious hum

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Shameful welcome

I had to applaud Karlis Streips for his column (TBT #653).Although tongue and cheek, he high

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In some latest TBT issues there was [a lot] about corruption in Latvia and Lithuania. In issue #651,

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In his puppy dog eagerness to please the Latvian public, President Valdis Zatlers has unfortunately

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In the name of the Queen

Simon Butt is the incumbent British ambassador to Lithuania and has been working in the country for

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Forging an identity

Estonia has the flavor of a bipolar culture 's people identify themselves as either Russian or Eston

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Three-quarters suffer wage cuts in Latvia

RIGA - A recent survey has revealed that a staggering 73 percent of employees in Latvia have suffere

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Estonia to take multi-billion kroon loan to cut deficit

TALLINN - The government of Estonia announced that it would take out a 6.5 billion kroon (415 millio

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Looking for the silver lining

Ralfs Jansons is the Chairman of the Board of Domuss real estate in Latvia, a daughter company of th

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A scientific view of the real estate bubble

With significant decreases in real estate markets around the world, real estate prices in Lithuania

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