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Tough times for commercial and office real estate

VILNIUS - Office building owners are competing for a dwindling base of clients and empty stalls are

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Gala festival Om gud vill (God willing)

"God willing" is a sweet and funny movie with plenty of food for thought, featuring famous singers N

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Crank: High voltage

Directors: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.A

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Vegging out in Riga

RIGA - When I first moved to Latvia six months ago a bemused friend declared me the "only vegetarian

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An event for the ladies

VILNIUS - In case you thought you knew Lithuania as an all-conservative country full of macho men, s

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Never-ending history in Sigulda

SIGULDA - Sigulda is the kind of place one could write about and describe for ages and still not cov

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Company briefs - 2009-05-07

Lietuvos Energija, a subsidiary of the national Lithuanian energy investment company LEO LT, has sig

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Lithuanian banks hit hard

VILNIUS - Lithuanian banks posted combined net losses in the first quarter of this year of 20.1 mill

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Taking Counsel: Bankruptcy of natural persons still a concept

According to the current legal regulations, only legal persons that are recognized as insolvent by t

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The Baltic Queen has arrived

TALLINN - The leading passenger shipping company on the Baltic Sea, AS Tallink Grupp, has received i

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