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GrybauskaitÄ— still the most popular politician n Lithuania

VILNIUS- In September the Lithuanian people have given best evaluations tofour

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The school menu will be variegated with Mexican food

TALLINN 's Today [14. Oct] the new project , goal ofwhich will be

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The death rate decreases, but Lithuania is still "in the lead"

VILNIUS 's According to the Department of Statistics,death rate for

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Riga and Tukums suffering from the wind

RIGA 's As reported by The State Fire Department, over30 today emer

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Maxima continues to cut the prices

VILNIUS - As the amount of sales and money decreases, the fight for every client continues. Com

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The government prepares new tax raises

RIGA 's Inthe interests of necessary budget cuttings, the

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Latvian Prime-Minister will visit Estonia

TALLINN 's On Wednesday [14. Oct] LatvianPrime-Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is pl

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The government suggests to call the ambassadors away

VILNIUS - Lithuanian government is going torecommend the president to call the Lithuanian ambassad

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Kindergartens forced to give up music lessons

TALLINN - Judging by the results of thepoll, held by the Estonian Teachers' Union, in 34 kindergar

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Soros asks EU to help Latvia

RIGA - On Saturday [Oct. 10] in aninterview to a Swedish radio station a contradictory judged Amer

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