Kindergartens forced to give up music lessons

  • 2009-10-12
  • TBT staff and wire reports
TALLINN - Judging by the results of thepoll, held by the Estonian Teachers' Union, in 34 kindergartens located in Tallinn, music teachersare forced to work for only half of the regulation salary and even carry outthe functions of over teachers.

The Union,fretted by such situation, has sent the Administrative Board of Tallinn and theMinistry of Education a complaint letter, as the teaching of music inkindergartens and beginner schools can become impossible, because of the lackof finances and the incapability to make a more effective schedule.     

The Union hasquestioned 53 kindergarten music teachers, and has come to a conclusion, that 34 of them have experienced a salarycut.

Tallinn vice-Mayor Kaia Jappinen, who isresponsible for the educational sphere refused to comment on the situation.