Estonia considers eurovision pull-out

TALLINN - Anneli Toevere-Kaur, media relations manager at Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR), has sa

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Latvenergo Latvia's most valuable company

RIGA - A recent survey has found that Latvenergo is now the country's most valuable company.

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Vaira Vike-Freiberga is ready to become the preisdent of the EU

RIGA - Latvian ex-president Vaira Vike-Freiberga agreed tobecome a candidate for

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Swedbank believes, that now is the best time to buy a residential space in Estonia

TALLINN - According to Swedbankvaluations, now is the best time to buy a residen

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Police made a list of the most dangerous clubs in Vilnius

3rd Policedistrict of Vilnius has made a list of 10 most dangerous night clubs,

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Expert suggests to increase the retirement age in Estonia

TALLINN - The pension system in Estonia in itscurrent state does not have any pe

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Tele 2 will have to pay 13 000 lats

RIGA - Bythe most conservative estimate, the company Tele 2, which staged the"

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Two more cases of AH1N1 flue in Latvia

Inthe past week in Latvia two more cases of new flue type AH1N1 wereofficially

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Latvian president will award Bill Gates

RIGA - The medallic chapter by the presidential chancellery has decided toaward

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