Tele 2 will have to pay 13 000 lats

  • 2009-10-27
  • TBT staff and wire reports

RIGA - Bythe most conservative estimate, the company Tele 2, which staged the"meteoritic fall" near Mazsalaca, will have to make amends of theState Firefighting and Rescue Service and the National armed forces.

Asmentioned by the Interior Minister of Latvia in the interview to thetelevision program "900 seconds" Linda Murniece, the companywill have to compensate 3 000 lats (4269 euros) to the StateFirefighting and Rescue Service, and 10 000 lats (14 229 euros) tothe National armed forces.

Yesterday[26. Oct], the minister stated, that everyone who is responsible forthe staging of the meteoritic fall will compensate all the expansesto the santim. She also called the incident "cynical derision".