Expert suggests to increase the retirement age in Estonia

  • 2009-10-27
  • TBT staff and wire reports

TALLINN - The pension system in Estonia in itscurrent state does not have any perspectives, and it was clear fromthe middle of the 90-ties, nevertheless, no political force had thecourage to increase the retirement age, says the the economic expertof the Development Fund Heido Vitsur.

The reason lies in the Birth rate decrease in the1990-ties. The average age grows, and in the same time the amount ofnewcomers to the employment market is critical, clarified the expert.Everyone is aware of it, he question is -who will take theconsequences of it.

According to the Vitsur's valuation, the structuralreforms, on the lack of which the head of the IMF representativesKristof Rosenberg was pointing, should have been made two years ago.

That is why the Estonian pension system, thesick-fund, education, science and the system of nationaladministration are suffering terrible losses. The Estonian tax systemis not common, and in the conditions of the traditional crisis issimply fales to support everyone with a proper financing, saysVitsur.