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Latvian logistics industry faces challenges

RIGA - Historically the Baltic States, and Latvia in particular, have acted as proactive players in

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Dealerships turn to service work to make ends meet

TALLINN - According to BMI's latest Estonia Automotives Report, the Estonian automotive market has b

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Some revival seen at Lithuania's car dealerships

VILNIUS - The media news during the months of spring this year, saying that the car market exists no

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Latvian Auto Market Takes a Dive

RIGA - Auto industry analysts all around the world are worried that carmakers, as well as car dealer

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Supermarket culture is alive and well

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian retail business follows in the footsteps of the country's GDP. The statisti

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Latvian retailers focus on keeping the margins up in a down economy

RIGA -  Retailers are weathering a stormy year all around the world, prompting concerns that in

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Lithuanian hotels vs. government

VILNIUS - Lithuanian hotels are fighting non-violent Mahatma Gandhi-style warfare against the Lithua

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Hotels adapt to challenging market

TALLINN - The hotel industry is facing tough times, with the ongoing global recession putting the ec

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Latvian hotels withstanding tough times

RIGA - The economy of Latvia, an EU-member country since 2004, was once the fastest-growing in the E

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Latvia's Current Account deficit swings positive

RIGA - Latvia's balance of payments numbers continue to rapidly improve, along with the trade number

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