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Architecture in Latvia 's a colorful mix of ideas

RIGA - As award-winning British architect Ian Ritchie noted in his research paper "Tendencies: Image

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Renewables compete with non-renewables in delivering energy needs

TALLINN - Experts say that renewable energy, at least for the Baltic states, will be most viable onl

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Discussing life after Ignalina

Vilnius - The Ignalina nuclear plant will stop producing electricity at the end of 2009, as that pla

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Energy production in Latvia 's the force driving the country forward

RIGA - The modern sources of energy production are varied, but all energy that we use ultimately com

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Banking on Baltic stability

With its name plastered on Riga's most prominent skyscraper, Swedbank physically dominates the bigge

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Saving the planet the Swedish way

Whenever you hear a weather report, say thanks to the 18th century Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius

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Breaking the ice with Russia

In April 1986, Swedish scientists alerted the world to the Chernobyl disaster after they detected ra

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Baltic Sea top brass meets for a chat during troubled times

The Baltic Development Forum is an annual talking shop for leaders from the Baltic Sea region.

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Energy emerging as wood products' next best use

TALLINN - According to Toomas Kams, manager of forest management company Fest-Forest, Estonia's fore

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The business of forest brothers

VILNIUS - Ancient Lithuanians believed that their gods lodge themselves in the sacred forests. The f

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