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There is plenty on offer at Ecoland Hotel - Boutique

I wasn’t really sure of what to expect, when a couple of my friends and I decided to get

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SOLARIUM TAN 's the safe and healthy way

Nothing can make us happier throughout the year than having a sun-kissed tan. Solariums, also

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State Forest offers to cut your own tree

TALLINN - Many people around the world have various family traditions and many different ways

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Upcoming Events - 2009-12-17

Pirate StationDec. 18Saku Arena, Tallinn

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The holidays are coming

RIGA - The freezing cold has at last reached our countries, this past Sunday, and the snow it

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5 steps to healthy eyes

1.    Eye strain. Any focused work means you don’t blink as frequently. A

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World class optical service available in Latvia

Different problems with eyesightOne’s eyesight is the most amazing thing that i

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Angels at work

The International School of Latvia has been hard at work trying to make a difference in the li

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The pictures tell a different story

TALLINN - Journalists are always seen carrying cameras, snapping away at interesting events an

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To go or not to go

RIGA - Though the ‘real’ winter hasn’t started yet, you know that it’s

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