Angels at work

  • 2009-12-09
  • By Elizabeth Wisgerhof

The International School of Latvia has been hard at work trying to make a difference in the lives of those who are in the community. The school has organized an angel tree for the Oncological Hospital, where students choose an angel from the tree, which includes a child’s name and age, and then the students look for a present for that child. Also, the students have been hosting a food drive for the families around Maskavas Street that began on Nov. 30 and will run until Dec 11. On Dec. 12, Neste Oil will be sponsoring a holiday party for the families living in the Maskavas Street area.

Students from the International School of Latvia have been organizing the party. They have been in charge of buying the presents, making sure the gifts are properly packed and will be decorating the venue and the Christmas tree. The party will be held at the Mother Teresa Convent at 6/8 Ludzas street, because although the party has no religious significance, the sisters are familiar with the members of the community and will be able to provide the most welcoming environment. About 120 families will be attending the festivities. It is sure to be quite an enriching experience for the children, who aren’t used to the same lavish Christmases many of our readers enjoy every winter.

A party provides a wonderful opportunity for the families to celebrate being together and, if only for a few moments, let go of the season’s troubles to enjoy the day. There will be plenty of fun activities for the children to partake in. A Christmas tree will be part of the scene, and with the students from the international school, the children will get to decorate the tree to their heart’s content. Of course, there will be gifts for the kids, but the very experience will hopefully be delightful enough to brighten their holiday. On his warm-up lap around the globe with his reindeer, Santa Claus will be stopping by to meet the Maskavas neighborhood children and hear all about their Christmas wishes.

The children will get to have their photograph taken with Santa Claus as well. Due to the situation of many of these families, this photo may become the child’s treasure, being the only photograph taken of their childhood. The hope is that this celebration will be a chance for the community to gather together and enjoy the true spirit of the season in a fun and safe environment. The International School of Latvia runs most of its charitable events through a program called “ISL Cares” and tries to raise awareness about the many social issues in the international community. Help is always welcome, so feel free to contact them with any offers of assistance or donations. May everyone have a wonderful holiday.

You can contact the International School of Latvia through Milka Zyczkowkitel: tel. 20084885, Viestura iela 6A, Jurmala-Bulduri