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Hundred-year-old museum going 'forward with a hundred!'

TALLINN - Art plays an important role in the life of a man, and sometimes it is close to impossible

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Green thumbs gather in Tallinn

TALLINN - The capital of Estonia welcomes its citizens and guests to take part in this year's intern

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Just like a dragonfly

RIGA - Sometimes something just doesn't feel right; moreover, everything around you irritates you fo

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Upcoming Events - 2009-09-10

ChippendalesSept. 29: Dream Factory, Riga

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It's time to light up your life

VILNIUS - Don't you just love it when everything goes 'BOOM!'? Nothing in the whole world is more ex

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Born to crawl 's will never fly

KERNAVE - I've always thought that the level of difficulty of the job depends only on the specific t

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Authentic design masterpieces Estonian way

TALLINN - In order to get to know Estonian national handicraft and get acquainted with different wor

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Upcoming Events - 2009-09-03

East 17Sept. 4:Club Parlament,  Tallinn

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See you at the movies!

RIGA -  It's about time to stop talking about the end of the world: if you do not lie in the ce

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Just another day in paradise

RIGA - Since it is late August, you probably think that the summer's gone, and the only thing you ca

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