The party of the millennium

VILNIUS - A variety of interesting events are set to kick off in Lithuania at the end of June to cel

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Upcoming Events - 2009-06-18

50 centJuly 30: Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn

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The power of Shirodhara

RIGA - The 5,000 year old Ayurvedic medical practices have come to Latvia and are quickly gaining po

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Celebs gone wild for charity

TALLINN - Indrek Galentin has found the perfect theme for his latest charity drive 's tasteful photo

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A taste of the Baltics

Though most of the world considers the three small Baltic countries to be basically the same place,

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Dorado 's a club for fantasy lovers

VILNIUS - Vilnius fantasy lovers' club "Dorado," the oldest fantasy club in Lithuania, is celebratin

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The miracles of Armenian cuisine

TALLINN - Armenian cuisine is one of the most ancient on Earth and its preparation techniques today

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Wine and dine Baltic style

RIGA - The wine culture and history of sommeliers in the Baltics is something that goes far back in

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Plunge into Plunge 's Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2009

VILNIUS - Plunge (pronounced Ploong-geh), a lovely little city in the northwestern Lithuanian region

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