There is plenty on offer at Ecoland Hotel - Boutique

  • 2009-12-17

I wasn’t really sure of what to expect, when a couple of my friends and I decided to get away from Riga and spend our weekend at Ecoland Hotel – Boutique in Tallinn. But when we actually arrived, the cozy interior and warm welcome from hotel’s staff made us understand that we made the right choice. Located just about 20 minutes [by bus] from the Tallinn city center and about 5 minutes drive from the Baltic Sea, Ecoland turned out to be a popular place not only for guests of the Estonian capital, but also for locals.

And this is not surprising at all. As we found out later, Ecoland has a lot to offer each visitor. The hotel has 76 bright, cozy rooms, where everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep or a short nap between various spa treatments, a wide range of which are offered by the high-class specialists at the hotel’s spa center. And to be honest, the spa treatments are the main things I’d like to draw your attention to, because they really do have a lot to offer for everybody. Let me begin with the mud-baths, with imported from Saki Lake from Jevpatorija (the Crimea), which is probably the main highlight of the spa center.

Having experienced the mud treatment for the first time in my life, I can assure everyone that it is something our bodies are urging for. It’s true, that after you are smeared with mud and while you are all wrapped up in plastic and laying there under two really warm blankets for 20 minutes, the feelings are not that great, it’s even better not to move, otherwise your whole body starts to itch. But, right after you wash the mud off, your skin becomes so silky and shiny and your body feels completely different. And it is all due to the biological and chemical components of the therapeutic mud of Saki.

The mud has manysided effects upon the main functions and systems of man: breathing, circulation, metabolism and secretion. Manifold combination of unique mineral and biogenic natural factors of Saki mud in intercommunication with thermal and electrical influence have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and resolving effect with intensification of metabolic processes on areas affected by diseases of the body.

Under the influence of mud therapy on the immune system of a patient, the protective powers of the organism are activated thus contributing to recovery-restoration of health and preservation of it for many years ahead. Besides that, Ecoland’s spa center also offers aroma baths, a swimming pool with sea water and hydro massage, the beauty parlor, the salt chamber, the energy capsule and massage cabinets. We went through a few of them and all our other treatments were very relaxed: massage, sauna, salt chamber and pool exercise sessions, combined with walks and plenty of sleep. It really seemed that we could have stayed at Ecoland for a lifetime.

After just two days we felt fitter, more beautiful (certainly the skin was glowing) and above all, relaxed. We had totally destressed. That usually takes a week on a beach and costs three times as much, so our spa break in Tallinn actually turned out to be great value. All prices are very reasonable with a very flexible discount system. So if you happen to be in Tallinn and you feel that your body and soul are just desperate for some spa treatment or relaxation, then Ecoland Hotel is highly recommended and don’t forget to pay attention to special packages for families, groups or couples that the hotel has to offer!

Ecoland Hotel – Boutique Randvere Tee 115, 11913 Tallinn, Estonia, Tel: +372 605 1999, For more information on prices, services and special packages please