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Å Ä·Ä"le back as a leader of People's party

A former Prime-Minister of Latvia and a founder of thePeople's

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A new United States ambassador in Lithuania

VILNIUS 's On Wednesday [14. Oct] the new ambassador of USA in Lithuaniahas as

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Floating in Cinamon

TALLINN - An accident, that happened in the movietheater Cinamon, j

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Latvia loses World Cup qualifier

RIGA-   After losing to Greece5-2, Latviahas lost her chance to compete in the 2010 Wo

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Stag party duo to stay in Latvia

RIGA- The two men who were accused of assaulting apolice officer in Rigaon June 13, 2008 have been

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Saeima agrees on 2010 budget

RIGA- During the Oct.3 emergency government meeting, several agreements weremade between coalition

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No decisions in emergency government session

RIGA- After many hours of negotiation in the emergency session ofgovernment, the meeting ended wit

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Lithuanian economy to grow in 2010

VILNIUS- The Lithuanian economy may see growth in 2010, saidGovernor Reinoldijus Sarkinas of the C

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Parliament considers extending alcohol curfew

RIGA- As the debate to extend the hours alcohol purveyanceheats up, the Saeima committee on for Ec

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Marciulionyte withdraws candidacy for UNESCO director-general

PARIS- On Sept 18 during the second round of the election to the post of theDirector-General of th

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