Floating in Cinamon

  • 2009-10-13
  • TBT staff and wire reports

An accident, that happened in the movie theater Cinamon, just in the center of Tallinn, has caused the ceiling to collapse

TALLINN - An accident, that happened in the movietheater Cinamon, just in the center of Tallinn, has caused theceiling to collapse and several visitors, literally, were forced totake a cold shower. The emergency call was registered at 3:05 pm, andin a little more, then an hour the rescue forces have made astatement, that the incident was over.

Currently, the amusement center "Solaris", in whichthe movie theater is placed, is avaliable for visitors.

Earlier, the press secretary of Northern-Estonian RescueCenter Helen Kuseoya, has mentioned, that there might be a person,trapped under the fragments of ceiling, but, as it turns out, thatinformation didn't prove out.

Three ambulance crews and a countless number of rescueteams have taken part in the rescue operation, during which all thepeople were evacuated from the building, still, at first, the rescueteams couldn't find the entrance, so the Ñ‚indemnitieshad to show them the way.

It is interesting, that the builders, who worked on thisobject earlier, mentioned that, during construction, a lot of faultywork were made, because of the rush, so he doesn't exclude thepossibility of a fire flash.

As said by Merko Ehitus representative Yuri Lyall, thereason of a ceiling collapse are not yet identified, still it haslead to massive water-supply break-down. Yuri Lyall also mentioned,that all the people were evacuated in time and that the investigationof the causes of the accident will continue.