Latvia loses World Cup qualifier

  • 2009-10-12
  • TBT Staff

Latvia's Girts Karlsons against Switzerland

RIGA-   After losing to Greece5-2, Latviahas lost her chance to compete in the 2010 World Cup finals.

Latvia has nowmoved down to fourth place in Group two with 14 points. In third is team Israel with 15 points.

Maris Verpakovskis scored the two goals for Latviaand Theofanis Gekas scored four goals for Greece, the fifth by GeorgiosSamaras.

On October 14, Latviawill play the final qualification game against Moldovain Riga.

The team at the top of the group will automatically qualify for the 2010World Cup. However, the second place teams will play an additionalqualification game.

As the roster currently stands, Switzerlandis first with 10 points, Greeceis second with 17 points, Luxembourgfifth and Moldovalast.