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University of Latvia hopes for EU top 100

RIGA - The University of Latvia has adopted a new strategy visionto become the leading univer

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More pollution allowances for Lithuania

VILNIUS- The leaders of the EU member states agreed during the EU Summit inBrussels on Dec. 1

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Estonia passes next years budget

TALLINN - The Estonian parliament has passed the 2009 state budget with a multi-billion kroon defici

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Lithuanians pessimistic about new gov.

VILNIUS - A recent survey has found that most Lithuanians do not expect a change for the better with

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Five die in fire

NARVA - Four seperate fires over a 24 hour period have claimed the lives of five different people in

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Latvian press protests VAT tax

RIGA - Press publications throughout Latvia have decried a proposal from Prime Minister Ivars Godman

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Estonian Mulks obtain center to support cultural revival

TARTU - In Estonian lore, they are characterized by dry anecdotes about ambitious farm owners in lon

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Appeal to the Saeima and the government  

During the time of the economic crisis, when at times it seems that panic takes the upper hand over

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Almost two decades out from the USSR's collapse journalists in Latvia continue blaming everything, f

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So Poff is the biggest film festival in Northern Europe. Though waiting for a performance to start m

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