Appeal to the Saeima and the government  

  • 2008-12-10
During the time of the economic crisis, when at times it seems that panic takes the upper hand over economic wisdom, we, Latvia's small and middle enterprises, Latvia's press and publishing houses, come to you, Saeimas deputies and government ministers, with an appeal to not raise the value added tax (VAT) for press and books.

At this time, when many governments are lowering tax levels so that businesses are able to survive through this crisis thinking about the future, it greatly worries us that our government has decided to raise the VAT for press and books.

We Latvians are a small group. Our biggest power is and will remain our spirituality and education, so we may be able to hold on to our own. This bill should not be allowed to inconsiderably extinguish such an important sector as book and press publishing houses. Free and democratic press is one of the foundations of a democratic nation. High quality books are the foundation for education and knowledge, regardless of ethnicity.
We implore deputies and ministers to understand that it is not the IMF, but Latvia's own enterprises on whom the future of our nation balances. We invite you to support, rather than extinguish, the industrial workforce in Latvia.

We ask you not to raise the value added tax.

Latvijas Preses Distribution Association head
Ivars Zariņš  (51 enterprises)
Latvijas Poligrāfijas Enterprises Association head
Visvaldis TrokÅ¡a (48 enterprises)
Latgales Preses Distribution Association head
Tamāra Elste (6 enterprises)
Latvijas GrāmatizdevÄ"ju Distribution Association head
Tenis Nigulis (40 enterprises)
Latvijas Grāmatnieku ģildes Bookkeepers Guild head
Ināra Beļiņkaja (5 enterprises)
Latvijas Grāmattirgotāju Booksellers Association head
Ināra Beļiņkaja  (uniting approx. 70 Latvian bookstores)


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