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The big boys that own Lithuania have made it clear that they will not tolerate the common man meddli

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Media czarina

Director of Baltic Media Alliance (BMA) Channels Polina Goldstein is responsible for BMA TV Channels

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What to call smiling assassins?

Saturday, Nov. 29 was the second birthday of Moshe Holtzberg, the son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and

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Consumer prices to tumble

TALLINN - With Estonia's inflation rate continuing to fall retailers have begun cutting prices, resu

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Unemployment on the rise

VILNIUS - Lithuania's unemployment rate rose to 5 percent in November from 4.6 percent in October, t

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Estonian arts and crafts still alive

TALLINN - The history of Estonian handicrafts goes back centuries. Estonia was, for most of its hist

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Local goods start and end online

VILNIUS -  The handicrafts' industry is one of a few that has not been seriously affected by th

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Made in the Baltics

One of the first and most memorable things that people notice when visiting the Baltics are the regi

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Body of Lies

Director: Ridley Scott "Body of Lies" is a fun little spy thriller set in th

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Midway in Panevezys

VILNIUS -  When driving from Vilnius to Riga, or the other way round, make sure to stop in Pane

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