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Gov. to disband two secretariats

RIGA - The Latvian ruling coalition has decided to dissolve two ofthe country's "special affairs m

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Serial killer confesses

RIGA 's A manfrom the southern-Latvian town of Bauskahas confessed to murde

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Lithuania violates EU law

VILNIUS - TheEuropean Court of Justice has found Lithuaniaguilty of failing

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Kidnap plotters charged

TALLINN - TheEstonian Public Prosecutor's Office has charged three young me

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Slaughtered in the U.K.

RIGA - Ritvars Kozans, 23, left Latvia to work in the U.K. as an electrician two years ago. A Latvia

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Schengen embassies misinformed about visa laws

I am German/Belgian, living in Ireland with my Lebanese wife. In this setup it seems like my wife wo

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Minority complex

What the hell is wrong with the Baltic States? Why do you need to stir up the conflict with Russia?

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Disingenuous headline

Your headline "Zatlers cuts jobs and freezes wages, outraging lawmakers" is at best disingenuous, as

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The old, the poor and sick and vulnerable are going to suffer. Anybody who earns an honest living ea

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Hotel Magnate

Paul Tyler is a British expatriate businessman and a prominent figure in the Baltic hotel industry,

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