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The august probe for dignity

Aug. 21 marks the 40th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, which became a crucial

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The Georgian challenge

What is the situation right now from the Georgian perspective?A big part of the territory of

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Recession hits Estonia perts worry

TALLINN - Analysts and Ministry of Finance officials put on brave faces after the release of new fig

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Baltic unemployment too low, experts worry

RIGA - Surprisingly low unemployment rates in the Baltic states have begun raising concerns among so

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CITY PROMO: Homegrown advertising in the culture capital

VILNIUS - During its year as the European cultural capital in 2009, Vilnius is employing new and inn

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CITY PROMO: Latvia's halfhearted tourism ads

RIGA - At Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, signs proclaim Riga "Europe's new party capital."

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CITY PROMO: Move over, Paris: Tallinn is the city of romance

It is a competitive business. Not only are tourism board competing with their neighbors they're comp

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Mamma Mia!

Director: Phyllida Lloyd Usually, the combination of ABBA, a Greek island and dancin

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Crossing the Baltics by thumb

VILNIUS - I have hitchhiked in 10 countries in Europe so far, something I recommend to anyone who is

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Narva nirvana

NARVA - The local government plans to turn Narva- Joesuu into the European city of spas. Deciding to

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