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Eesti in brief - 2008-04-23

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus will be awarded an honorary doctorate from Tallinn University. T

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A quiet anniversary for the Bronze riots

TALLINN - This time last year the world looked on in amazement as the usually quite city of Tallinn

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Property comes back into vogue

TALLINN - There are clear signs that the months of carnage in the property market, which caused mise

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Marriage, Estonian style

TALLINN - You meet that perfect person. You fall in love, get married, and have children. That's the

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Vilnius Gypsies to be re-settled... again

VILNIUS - An influential Vilnius City Council member has called on parliament to put Vilnius Gypsies

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Ansip: 'Crisis? What crisis?'

TALLINN - In attempt to boost confidence, Prime Minister Andrus Ansip dismissed the Cassandras of do

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Government re-appoints head spy

RIGA - Parliament has overwhelmingly voted to re-appoint the head of Latvia's national security agen

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Latvian police deny body found

RIGA- Latvian law enforcement authoritieshave not confirmed reports that the body of Russian-

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Belarus finally apologizes for detaining journalists

VILNIUS-Belarus finally apologized to Lithuania for the incident involving the detained accredi

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Holiday blues

RIGA-A recent survey by the Baltic Institute ofSocial Sciences attributes the Latvian population's

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