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Telecom share swap approved

RIGA - Latvia's government finally decided the fate of Lattelecom, approving a complex share swap wi

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Ansip: property bubble has burst

TALLINN - Prime Minister Andrus Ansip has said that the current revenue shortfall is the result of t

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Forecasts for Latvian GDP vary wildly, while IMF predicts hard-landing

RIGA - An informal debate erupted last week over how Latvia's economy will fare this year, with fore

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Latvia to lift 10 percent requirement

RIGA - Latvia will soon abolish a requirement that potential homeowners have to put a 10 percent dow

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Creation of Leo LT postponed yet again

RIGA - A final agreement on creating a new national utility company that would operate the proposed

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Lietuva in brief - 2008-04-16

A total of 61 on-the-job deaths were registered over the first quarter of 2008. Every third accident

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Supership to be built in Klaipeda

VILNIUS - A Klaipeda based shipbuilding firm has begun construction of the largest and most intricat

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Q&A: Behind the Baltic Bourses

Could you give us an overview of the Baltic bou

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Taking back the reigns

Voters in Latvia last week showed signs of taking back the democratic reigns. Approxi-mately 220,000

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Latvija in brief - 2008-04-16

Laima Sweets Company has suspended the production of chocolates. According to the official explanati

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