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The music man

The Estonian music business appears to be booming with record sales increasing every year. More inte

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Latvija in brief - 2008-04-23

A recent survey by the Baltic Institute of Social Sciences attributed the Latvian population's reluc

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Scerbatihs makes sports history

RIGA - Weightlifter/MP Viktor Scer-batihs guaranteed his unique place in Latvian sports history afte

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E-minister resigns over birthday bash

RIGA - The special minister for e-governance was forced to resign following the revelation of a birt

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Papal visit

I commend Pope Benedict XVI for his profoundly moving address to the United Nations which emphasized

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Russians in Estonia

The Russian speakers in the Baltic countries are a valuable resource, a window into a Great Power de

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Prices on the rise

Message: 5 euros for a beer in Latvia? Has your country turned completely mad? When I last visited,

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Response to Irish announcement

In reaction on your ad in The Baltic Times [for healthcare

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It's not over yet

TALLINN- In the days before the anniversary of the May riots, Estonians are lookingback at how muc

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Just when you thought the quality of leadership in Latvia had reached dead-bottom, it manages to sin

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