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Baltic innovation: a multifaceted challenge

Outside observers have long accused the Baltic States of not looking ahead and not preparing well en

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SHIPYARDS: A look at Estonia's top shipbuilders

TALLINN - Being a sea country, Estonia is certainly connected to everything dealing with the water.

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SHIPYARDS: Riding the wave of change

VILNIUS - Since 1991, the Lithuanian shipbuilding industry has gone from strength to strength, but h

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Ships Ahoy! From salt herrings to oil 's a look at Baltic shipping

With a key location between East and West and easy access to the Baltic Sea, shipping has traditiona

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HEALTHCARE: "Old-fashioned thinking" preventing donation

VILNIUS - Organ donation in Lithuania is minimal and only serves about one sixth of patients in urge

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HEALTHCARE: Vaccinations in Latvia: Hepatitis ABCs

RIGA - While much attention has been given recently to the Hepatitis A epidemic in the Latvian media

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Estonia 's giving hope for childless families

The medical industry is without question one of the most important and controversial industries in t

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LASERS: Science meets the market in the laser industry

VILNIUS - Highly trained professional scientists are always in demand for research and production of

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LASERS: Laser Latvia

RIGA - Exceeding the scope of traditional laser technologies, Latvia goes above and beyond, literall

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LASERS: Shining a light on Baltic lasers

While the laser industry in the Baltic states has grown significantly since EU accession, there are

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